Let Me Introduce Myself

I am the second half of the Kollektive, happily married, living in Toronto, university graduate and looking for work. Holla!

I have always used photography to express my point of view and document my life, surroundings, and blessings. Earlier this year I travelled to the South of Brasil with my husband for 3 months. In between barbecue induced food comas, late nights, and surreal shorelines I was able to live one of my dreams and cross it off my bucket list! I have always wanted to run away from winter and have my toes in the sand as I explore dozens of beaches like an artistic hippie day dreams of doing.

Every morning I made sure to eat breakfast and take in this view of Ipanema beach while we stayed in Rio de Janeiro.
Rio de Janiro
After a day of sightseeing it was amazing to unwind at the beach and take in those breathtaking Rio sunsets.

“Girl you’re beautiful, I just want you to know. You’re my favorite girl”
Since I heard this song back in high school a decade ago in 2003, I’ve wanted to go to these stairs. Well, I did it and it feels good.
rio 5

Everyone outside of Brasil talks about Rio and everyone inside Brasil talk about Florianopolis in gorgeous Santa Catarina.FlorianopolisSeeing as I was a tourist, I feel in love instantly. There are 42 beaches to choose from, the best acai of life, and it’s an ISLAND off the coast of Brasil. To top it all off I was super-ridiculously-lucky to see Jorge Ben Jor live at a beach with my husband and two friends just days before my 25th birthday. We left the camera at home that night, no photos unfortunately but I feel that means I was suppose to enjoy the night rather than capture it and relive it another time.

I always loose count of how many delicious barbecues I get to enjoy while I stay in the Capital of Chimarrao Venancio Aires, Rio Grande do Sul (thank you guys!). I’ve learned in order to survive a Churrasco (Brasilian barbecue from the South) as a girl you need lots of vegetables and self control to walk away, it’s just so good.
venancio aires
I feel so lucky to have run away from the Polar Vortex a.k.a the worst winter ever 2014. Now that I am back in the city my life is stressful and sometimes challenging but I know it will all get better with time. I might not always make the best decisions for my financial future but I know without a doubt in my mind that I have learned from every person and experience. I guess you could say I am learning to “collect moments, not things”.

Contributing to the blog is a step outside of my comfort zone and I am excited to share my point of view with you.

~ Klara


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