#FuckCanada: Olympics, Rivalry & Social Media

fuck canadaThe Winter Olympics always draws out the age-old American & Canadian Hockey rivalry.  America’s who are the best at everything & feel no shame in proudly announcing this are confronted with a nation of  not-as-polite-as-usual Canadians, who consider Hockey domination as a cornerstone of national pride.  This rivalry came to a hilarious light on Twitter this week as American Hockey fans did the only thing they could after Thursday’s Women’s Hockey Gold Metal game, they tweeted “Fuck Canada.”

Some Canadians found the trending of “Fuck Canada” to be impolite & highly offensive – claiming they would never do such a thing as America’s reaction would be swift & fierce.  I’m not sure if the people in this camp imagine that America would invade Canada after we started tweeting “Fuck USA” or something along that line, but methinks they have their panties in a bunch.

If you actually bother to look at the source of the trend, rather than just reading outraged Facebook status’ by people who have never been on Twitter, you will realize quickly that the trend started innocently as American Hockey fans did the only thing they could when faced with losing … swore. Sure once the trend took off we got some interesting takes on the trend, but as a Canadian I don’t feel “disrespected” by the American population because they choose to swear at my country on Twitter. Instead I found the whole thing hilariously entertaining.  I mean, we just slaughtered America in Olympic Hockey this week!

I say let them be angry & let’s respond with our usual Canadian way – through humour.

And can we stop pretending that we wouldn’t be upset if the shoe was on the other foot (or had the same reaction ) or that being Canadian automatically makes you “nicer” when it comes to competitive sports?   Yes, being polite is one of our cultural norms but let’s not take this politeness into doormat territory.

Be less Classy sometimes Canada.



2 thoughts on “#FuckCanada: Olympics, Rivalry & Social Media

    • Kinga says:

      Hey torres, we have this little commenting policy on our blog that I’m going to tell you about now. We reserve the right to delete any comments that fall into the following category:
      – insulting
      – degrading
      – don’t add in any way to the conversation

      Your comment falls under all three categories & the misspelling makes me wonder if you were trying to say “You Gay” or “Hi I’m Gay”? Not sure but either way … your comment will be deleted.


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