#ZerotoHero: Day 2 What’s Your Name – Update

thekollektiveSince we’re going to need more than a day to complete the Day 2 assignment of the Zero to Hero: 30 Days to a Better Blog, I thought I would write a short post to stick to my pledge of completing the challenge and share my interpretation of the assignment.

The assignment is pretty straight forward, edit your blog title, add a tagline and a widget. Seems simple doesn’t it?  And it is, but to me this is part of a larger branding exercise and a lot more goes into developing your brand then a tagline so we’re going to take our time finishing this one.

Since we are on the topic of taglines, personally I do not feel a tagline is always necessary because you can accomplish the same thing via your blog name.   For our blog we’ve decided not to have a tagline since “Kollektive Point of View” basically describes what our blog is about – two sisters sharing their point of view.  And we feel that having a tagline that reiterates your blog name is redundant and unnecessary.   But, we may change our mind in the future as we develop our blog voice.

What I consider more important than a tagline is the look of a blog  – the header image (if you have one), the colors, the fonts etc.  This can obviously take a lot of time to create and some skills are needed, but WordPress does have a lot of great and easy to use templates that you can use to make your blog your own. I am not a fan of themes that come with a pre-set look and doesn’t allow you to change anything.  After all, you may have liked that flower theme when you first started blogging but eventually you will want to change it.

We’ve been experimenting with the look of our blog for a while and a few months ago we decided to purchase a theme as it gave us more flexibility.  We’ve decided that our header image will be the centre of the visual look but it has been tough to create the right one as life and other commitments haven’t given us the time we need to do this right.  And since my blogging partner is now off travelling for a few months we won’t get to this until she’s back.

So for the time being we’re using a photo of us re-creating Abbey Road during our trip to Brazil.  It was an amazing trip and we both love the photo so it made sense to use as our header image for now.







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