7 Reasons I haven’t written a blog post in a few months

1. When I finally  find the time to write, I can’t remember that great idea I had on the way home.

2.  I didn’t have any interesting ideas to begin with.

3.  Social Media did not provide any useful ideas. “Why is Canada trending on Twitter? This makes no sense … this requires research.  Never mind, I’m going to find a funny YouTube video.”

4. I went to Buzzfeed for inspiration & didn’t come out until 3 hours later.

5.  I wrote a great post! But, it was late & I should really proofread it in the morning when I’m fresh.  Never ended up proofreading/ editing the post in the morning & then it just didn’t seem relevant any more. 

6.  Someone else had the same idea & did it better.

7.  I couldn’t make a list out of it.


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