Facebook Problems: They Updated Something Again!

kinga potrzebowski blog facebook changesTo a lot of us Facebook is our digital “home base,” our zone of stability and comfort, in which we feel safe sharing mundane details or our day.

Being our digital home base, we will spend countless of hours, sweat and tears, setting up our Facebook. Agonizing minutes will be spent on such details as what appears on the Favourites side bar, the exact positioning of a cover photo and which group of friends we will share in-appropriate (yet hilariously funny) YouTube video’s with.

So when the dreaded Facebook update occurs the grumblings and calls to “return the old Facebook” can be heard all over social media, as we realize all of our previous efforts in creating the perfect Facebook has been a been futile exercise and we could have spent that time outside, reading a book or watching more in-appropriate (yet hilariously funny) YouTube videos.

You would think we would get use to Facebook interface/functionality/design changes by now and just accept it as a re-occurring cycle of change, like having to switch your wardrobe every season, but we always get frustrated. Why? Well this video by Extremely Decent Films illustrates this perfectly.


via BuzzFeed

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