Walking in London

I think the reason we love to travel is because it takes us out of our routine. We wake up when we want & do what what we want. We pay attention to the world around us, the buildings, the people. The simple act of walking down the street becomes a grand adventure of discovery.

I recently went to London for two weeks. It was a bit of a last minute decision. I didn’t have a plan or daily itinerary, just my iPhone with the Trip Advisor city app (best travel app ever by the way) & my walking shoes. It was an amazing trip. London is a beautiful city, full of architecture and culture. Two weeks was not enough time to see everything & I have every intention of going back.

The best part of the experience for me was that I broke out of my daily routine & really saw the world around me. The experience reminded me that taking the time to really see the world around me is not something that can only be done on vacation. Toronto’s a beautiful & fascinating city & breaking my routine at home is something I should be doing. Coming back home with a feeling of inspiration I wanted to what my favourite pictures from London.

20130407-120559.jpgmy London walking shoes, comfy yet fashionable

20130407-120747.jpgstreets of London

20130407-121137.jpgmom meeting at Trafalgar Square

20130407-121331.jpgLondon Eye peeking out

20130407-121428.jpgLondon at rush hour

20130407-121552.jpgbuses, bikes & black cabs

20130407-121657.jpgBrick Lane


20130407-121836.jpgVintage shopping.



20130407-122045.jpgA girl waiting in china town




20130407-122328.jpgsketching the Bathing Venus at the British Museum


20130407-122502.jpgCamden Town style





20130407-125445.jpg Waiting for the Queen at Buckingham Palace



20130407-125700.jpg Lovers kiss

20130407-125748.jpg I had mostly overcast / rainy weather but there were a few sunny breaks






20130407-130128.jpg took a random turn down a street & came across this.

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