Social Media: The stupid people litmus test

Besides, spreading Justin Biber love and cat videos, social media is also good for uncovering the truly stupid people in life.

Some people see this as a negative thing.  Personally,  I like to think positively about such things because while a person may fool you into thinking they are a smart and thoughtful,  with common sense in a traditional social interaction,  their social media profiles will quickly show you if this is true or if you are dealing with a stupid person. This then saves you the time of making friends with people whose judgement is clearly questionable and will not make reliable friends.

(Sidebar, the definition of “stupid” that is relevant to this post is a person who lacks common sense and/or tends to make poor decisions or careless mistakes.)

What came first? “Stupid” or “Social Media”?

First, I think we need to clear up the myth that social media MAKES people stupid.

This is false.

Social media just enables stupid people to be more stupid.

People put their pets into their microwaves to dry them, yet you do not hear anyone claiming that microwaves make people stupid.  Why? Because it is an inanimate object that does not have self-awareness and thus lacks the ability to have a secret agenda to make you look stupid.

Blurring of the lines. When is it okay to talk about poop?

Some may argue that social media has blurred the line between the public and private domain  thus “confusing” people and making them post stupid things that they normally wouldn’t do.


While social media may make it easier for us to share more of our lives and thoughts, unless you are stupid (or under the age of majority as teenagers get a free pass of being stupid until they turn 19), you are fully aware that there are potential consequences to your actions.  You are quite aware that if you post something about Julie, that Julie will see it or hear about it.  So if you are posting something about Julie it is because you are looking for a reaction or you are stupid.

You HAVE to be stupid to post this online. 

There have been a lot of examples of stupid things being posted on online by people.  Some of whom are not stupid, but a truly stupid person will continue to post things that just make you scratch your head and mutter to yourself “why the hell would you post this again?”.  

Examples of such content are as follows, but not limited to the following:

  1. Cheating on their significant other or entering into a “relationship status” with someone who you know isn’t their significant other.
  2. Cheating on their taxes or committing other illegal acts that you might want to not talk about online … as that makes it evidence.
  3. Hate their jobs and can’t wait to find a new one.
  4. Got a new job, but don’t really like it, yet will take it for the money.
  5. Suffering from an STD.
  6. Suffering from constipation.
  7. Suffering through your visit to their home.
  8. Racists, sexists, homophobic  or ageist or any other form of “ist”/”ic” that there is a law against.
  9. Dating someone under-aged.
  10. Dating someone they are related to.
  11. Dating their cat.
  12. Calling in sick to work, when they are actually (a) partying, (b) at an interview or (c) cheating on their significant other.
  13. Leaving Facebook tomorrow!!! But, then they don’t.
  14. Nude, with the imagery to prove to it.
  15. About to do something really dumb, yet dangerous, and possibly illegal like sniff glue and drive a tractor.
  16. Posting pictures of their debit cards.  (This apparently is now a new trend.)

No really, is humanity getting dumber?

Being active on social media will eventually make you wonder if we (the human race) are getting dumber.  This may lead to thoughts of despair over the future of humanity or a complete hatred of people or cry’s of abandoning social media and spending more time outside with “real people”.  However, because social media allows you to be in contact with more people at once we are merely being exposed to more stupidity then we were before the age of social media.


7 thoughts on “Social Media: The stupid people litmus test

  1. matevz says:

    Excellent piece. Stupidity was there forever. It’s just that with social media it has become so bloody evident so fast that it hurts.

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