Euro 2012: What would have Błaszczykowski kissed?

After scoring the equalizing goal in yesterday’s game against Russia, Polish captain Błaszczykowski kissed the eagle crest on his jersey in celebration of his goal. An iconic celebratory act that shows the pride and passion of the Polish team that has led them to play the best game I’ve seen from Poland in years.

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But, did you know that Nike’s original jersey design for the Polish team did not include the iconic eagle?  What would Błaszczykowski kissed in celebration wearing the original jersey?

image source:

The omission of the Polish eagle caused a huge outcry in Poland and (thankfully) resulted in a re-designed jersey.  Rightly so, the eagle is an important cultural symbol in Poland that goes back to the formative years of Poland’s statehood and how could the team play on home soil without it?  But, Nike Poland learned it lesson and came back with an advertising campaign that centers around the importance of the Eagle to Poles.

“A nation ready for the battle. The symbol that unites them. The Eagle returns.”


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