Watch a Blogger confront a Newspaper Editor for plagiarising his work

“Oh the hubris of old-media.”

I never understood the logical that gave credit to the idea, that some old media editors and “Journalists” hold, that if some “Blogger” wrote it  and it was not printed in a “newspaper” it doesn’t count as stealing if you print his/her work.  Not only is that unethical but it is illegal.

But one Blogger, Duane Lester, didn’t sit ideally by when he was altered that a small town newspaper had plagiarized his work.  Nope, he confronted the editor of The Oregon Times Observer and asserted his copyright.

As a long time Blogger, I cheered watching Duane Lester stand up for his rights, but I also felt some sympathy for the small-town paper.  A little … because while  I can sympathize with the financial difficulties of running a small-town newspaper,  I am sure that Duane Lester would have happily given his permission to have the article printed … if he  had been asked.


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