“Art” does not justify this …. [warning you may be offended]

Controversial  Art installation created by Makode Aj Linde for World Art Day celebration at Stockholm’s Modern Museet

When I first stumbled upon this story on the mind the gap blog, I was confused.  I couldn’t tell if this “art installation” was celebrating female mutilation or …. what?  Then I did some more digging and found the video above.

I was so disgusted, I couldn’t even finish watching the video.  There are so many things “wrong” with the situation … from the completely inappropriate and insensitive nature of the “art installation” cake to the casual Friday-cake-at-work atmosphere (how people could casually eat cake with that screaming I do not know). Even now, I can hardly put it into words what I feel after watching that spectacle.

Whatever the artists vision was (the execution of which I think was insulting to both women and anyone of African decent), someone should have realized that a screaming, black-face cake was not appropriate for the situation.  Female genital mutilation is a serious issue and this is not how you bring awareness to it.*

*Unless it turns out that it was their plan to insult and offend everyone as a way to generate awareness for the issue. In which case … you did it wrong Sweden. 


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