What if the Nazi’s were still lurking around the moon?

This morning I stumbled upon this movie trailer for a campy sci-fi flick about the invasion of earth by the Nazi’s who have been hiding on the dark side of the moon since the 1940’s.  It looks quite amusing and smart notice the Sarah Palin-like character?

More than just a campy sci-fi movie?

But after watching it, it occurred to me that the concept of a Nazi re-invasion seems to be a re-occurring theme in our pop culture.  I found it very interesting that the Western world has developed this deep-rooted fear of the Nazi’s.

If you take a moment to think about, it makes perfect sense. The Nazi’s were responsible for orchestrating the largest human-wide traumatic event in recent history.  The effects of which we still living with today.  I see this in my own life.  My grandparents lived through the Nazi occupation in 1940’s Poland and I can now see how the trauma they lived through affected my parents and even myself.

So yes, the last thing any of us want is a resurgence of Nazism, but why do we still hold this fear that the original Hitler Nazi’s will one day pop out of hiding and invade us all?

Rationally, I think all of us know this isn’t going to happen.

Emotionally, we fear it, like we fear a Zombie invasion or being abducted by aliens.  Neither is likely to happen, but that doesn’t mean the thought doesn’t scare the beejezzus out of us.

So why does the thought of a Nazi invasion inspire a sense of fear in us?  I think it’s because they represent the worst in all of us.  That dark, little part of ourselves that we hid or subdue or out reason, but we all know it’s there and we’re fearful of it getting out and over-taking our better selves. It is not a Nazi invasion we fear, but the invasion of our good-self by our evil-self.


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