Dear Brand, I think you’ve been faking your feelings.

What is a brand? A brand is a product you are willing to pay for because it makes you feel something.  Owing it makes you feel good about yourself in some way. You feel satisfaction or pride or just plain happiness.

Which is different from fulfilling a need.  You need to eat, you need to drink, you need to take care of you bodily needs.  Not the type of things you’d spend your extra dollars on, well except maybe the “to eat” part.

If a brand can’t make YOU feel better about yourself in some way than it’s just a plain product, and probably the reason you grabbed the no name cream cheese over the Philadelphia.  And you’re not the only one.

With our economic reality being what it is (unemployment, economic turmoil in Europe, etc) consumers are not feeling very good about things or themselves. They desperately need a pick-me up my by their favorite brand and they are cutting other costs to make it happen.

Question is, is your product the cost they are cutting?  If you’re a food brand, I think you most likely are. Unless, you are coffee in which case I think your safe. Unless you are one of the premium, hand-grown brands that have cropped up by the dozen at the grocery store, in which case you are not.

Sorry food brand, but you’re cute spokes person or tear jerking advertising just didn’t really connect us.   The feelings we had were too one-dimensional.  Admit it, you over exaggerated the feelings of joy I would get from eating your product …. you’re a frozen pizza after all.  Maybe you could win me back once in a while (…. or for good), but you need to show me your value again.  You need to taste better than the other guys.

Convince me you’re a treat that will make my day just a little bit brighter.


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