Daily Musing: The trouble with good looking people, is that they are better looking than you

According to scientists, the trouble with good looking people is that they are selfish and uncooperative.

They came to this conclusion by giving study participants the option of being a “dove” and co-operating for the greater good, or a “hawk” and gaining more if the OTHER participant chose “dove”. They then analysed the faces of the participants and found that those people with more symmetrical faces were more likely to choose being a “hawk”.  Thus good looking people are less cooperative and more selfish.

But, before you get upset at the selfishness of “good looking” people you should probably know that this behaviour is just a byproduct of evolution.  “As people with symmetrical faces tend to be healthier and more attractive, they are also more self-sufficient and have less of an incentive to co-operate and seek help from others. Through natural selection over thousands of years, these characteristics continue to the present day.”  So yes, it’s natures fault or your mothers.  

What does this mean for you? (Absolutely nothing, but let’s have some fun with this shall we?)

If you are good looking:

  • You knew you were blessed in life already, so this should just underline your unshakable confidence.
  • You can now justify your uncooperative / selfishness nature as a part of evolution and thus not something you can change, nay should NOT change.
  • Don’t  hang out with better looking people than yourself because they will expect YOU to cooperate with them. (You may not like that feeling)
  • “Symmetrical” is a compliment
  • Scientists are jealous of your good looks, even if you can’t remember more than 2 digits of pi.

If you are not good looking:

  • Well, at least you have a personality … right?
  • Its your mother’s fault.
  • You now know why you are willing to photocopy hot John’s meeting agenda when you find him looking confused in the copy room (but oh so cute!).
  • Being cooperative will help you overcome the handicap your un-symmetrical features.  No one likes an uncooperative not-so-good looking person.
  • You need to trick people into thinking you are BETTER looking than you are.  Luckily there’s a video to teach you how to do it:

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