Google+ = Digital Adult playground vs. Facebook = the Digital pool

Since I’ve heard about the launch of Google+ I’ve started to feel really excited about what Google will bring to the social space and I’ve been doing a lot of reading.  Which in turn has lead to a lot of thinking and the evolution of an idea …. that we’re going to see a divide between Facebook and Google.  Google+ will become the Digital Adult Playground and Facebook will become the Digital Kiddy pool.  I wrote about this in detail on the FUSE Marketing Group blog, but wanted to share it here as well.   Here is an expert and be sure to check out the full entry!

Who will win?

Its impossible to make any educated prediction today of who will emerge as the winner, but I think what we are going to see this summer is a re-alignment of the social space as two distinct groups and spaces will form and emerge – the Digital Adult playground and the Digital Kiddy pool.  Internet user do not use social media the same way, we have different needs, wants and degrees of digital know-how and comfort.   Its the level of digital savy and comfort that I see as being the key differentiator between the two groups.

1) Google + the Digital Adult playground:  Those whose lives are digitally plugged-in

Google has always been the love child of the tech geeks and early technology adopters, and those are the people I see moving en-mass to Google+ and setting the character and tone for the network.  

The Digital Adults, like being plugged in all time, it adds colour to their lives.   They want to be impressed by technology, but also want to shape it and influence its development.    They are more likely to create content for entertainment consumption, and enjoy user-created content more than brand/media created content.   They have worked hard to create their online identity and want the convenience of having one profile to rule them all.   They also don’t want to be in the Kiddy pool, because they’ve outgrown it.

Read the full entry – Google + and the Friendship War


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