Mobility – the post modern American Dream

Love this ad.  It made me pause and it made me think.  It connected with me.

It touched upon a very important insight about my generation – the sense of freedom we get from our mobility.

A lot of us are in no hurry to settle down into a traditional relationship (ie. marriage), to take on the debt of a mortgage and give up on our dreams of  world travel.    So even though we went to school and have good careers we rent a pretty nice place, fill it with sort-of nice furniture (with some expensive pieces thrown in), and spend our money on leisure.   Our parents may see our lives as a refusal on our part to grow up already, stop whining about finding ourselves and finally stop avoiding our adult “responsibilities”.  Really they are just worried that we’re not living up to our potential or that we have no stability.

But, we’re happy.   We have exchanged the trappings of traditional success for the freedom of mobility.  Having watched our parents we’ve recognized that the pursuit of the traditional “American Dream” is not a guarantee of success or happiness.   So why not do it differently?   Plus, nothing gives you a greater sense of freedom than the knowledge that you could just pick up your life tomorrow and do that thing you’ve always wanted, even if it’s just for a little while.

via AdFreak


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