My Klout is better than your Klout

We all want to be the type of person who others are attracted to, listen to & are influenced by.   We get frustrated when others don’t listen to our advice & get satisfaction from being proven right (“I told you so”).   We all want to be special.   We love reading horoscopes & taking personality quizzes that tell us who we are & what’s so special about us.   And we like to compare ourselves to others, as a way to measure our own success.    Which is why Klout has proven to be so attractive – it’s a scientific measure of your influence & your interestingness:

“Klout has developed their proprietary Klout Score which measure a persons overall online influence by looking at over 35 variables of a users Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn networks.  The Klout Score ranges from 1 to 100 with higher scores representing a wider and stronger sphere of influence.  But what Klout is really measuring you on is how interesting, informative and in-demand your content is, and being able to create good content is a key ingredient of an influencer.”


Continue reading my full post at the FUSE Marketing Group blog.


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